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Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Thalai Mudi valara paati vaithiyam Hair growth tips

This is Mudi valara paati vaithiyam. Hail fall is the major problem in all age group people. Here is the remedy, mudi valara maruthuvam in tamil and information on Herbs which help in hair growth.

Mudi adarthiyaga valara tips
Onion juice – induce hair growth in bald head (mudi valara vengayam) Apply this on bald head regularly valukkai mudi valara.

Hairfall (mudi kotta karanam) – Dandruff and imbalanced diet,lack of iron etc.

Food which includes hair growth(mudi valara food) – Protein and Iron rich foods.

Curry leaves for hair growth:
Curry leaves are considered to be one of the best medicines for healthy hair growth and to resolve many other hair problems. Curry leaves are loaded with proteins and beta carotene which can reduce the problem of hair thinning and hair loss. Also the amino acids present in curry leaves, can provide strength to the hair follicles and thus prevents hair fall. The antioxidants present in curry leaves can remove the dead cells on the scalp and moisturizes the scalp effectively. Curry leaves are also rich in Vitamin B which is very essential for hair roots. The regular usage of the herb can make your hair longer and healthier. It can also stop the premature hair graying remarkably.
Karisalankanni leaves for hair growth:

Karisalankanni or bhringaraj leaves are very beneficial for healthy hair growth. The leaves of karisalankanni plant are boiled along with the coconut oil. This oil is used to solve the dandruff problem permanently. The leaves extract also support the healthy hair growth. The leaves extract is rich in natural properties which can maintain the natural color of the hair and brings healthy shine on the hair. The leaves extract along with amla oil is the best remedy for the problem of hair fall and hair thinning. The regular and gentle hair massage of karisalankanni can solve many hair problems like dry scalp, itching, split ends, hair thinning, hair fall, premature hair graying etc.

Rosemary for hair growth:
Rosemary herb is loaded with the nutrients that are essential for the hair growth. It can also be used to cure any type of scalp infection. It strengthens the hair roots and supports the healthy and longer hair growth. The antioxidants present in rosemary can fight against free radical damage that can cause hair loss. It works like a natural stimulant by stimulating roots of the hair follicles which results into rapid hair growth. It can also increase the blood circulation in the scalp effectively. The rosemary plant extracts can remove extra oil from our scalp and prevent clogging.

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