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Monday, September 29, 2014

Paati vaithiyam for babies in Tamil Kitchen Medicine

Paati Vaithiyam for babies in Tamil 

This is patti vaithiyam for babies in tamil medicine. People usually do some paati vaithiyam for new born babies. This Grandma’s home remedies are always safe and without any side effects but there are some risk factors while practicing paati vaithiyam for a child.
1. Paati vaithiyam for babies cold
Put raw onion slices in your baby’s room, this can keep your baby safe from congestion in cough and cold. It can give relief to your baby from stuffy nose also.
 2. Another home remedy for blocked and stuffy nose is inhaling the steam. You can steam up your bathroom for the convenience of your baby.

3. Paati vaithiyam for cough in babies 
 Tulsi leaves juice can work effectively on cough and cold in babies. Boil
some tulsi leaves in water and feed that warm water to your babies for quick results.
4. Paati vaithiyam for babies fever 
If your baby is suffering from fever then take a bowl of warm water and put a slice of fresh lemon in it. Now take a soft cotton cloth and give a sponge bath to your baby. This can reduce fever quickly.
 5.  Paati vaithiyam for sore throat
If your child is suffering from sore throat and cough then mixture of honey and fresh lemon juice can prove a best remedy. Take honey and lemon juice in same quantity and warm the mixture little bit. Give a teaspoon of it twice a day.
6.  Paati vaithiyam for insect bite
If you are worried about insect bites for your baby then baking soda can give your baby a soothing relief. Make a paste of baking soda with water and apply it on the bites. Allow it to dry for some time. This remedy can reduce the itching and swelling due to insect bite.
 7. If a kid is crying because of head pain then tie up ice cubes in a soft towel and press it on its forehead and temples to provide relief. Do not put ice directly on your baby’s forehead.
  Paati vaithiyam for vomiting
8. If the baby is suffering from nausea or vomiting then few drops of ginger juice can prove beneficial. You can add it in warm water.
9.  Paati vaithiyam for skin infection
If you find any reddish or swelling on baby skin then apply cucumber slices on the affected area. The cooling effect of cucumber can reduce the burning sensation effectively.
10.  Paati vaithiyam for stomach pain
If your baby is upset with stomach pain then boil ajwain, jeera, dry ginger and black salt in water. Filter and give this warm water to your kid to get rid of the problem.

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