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Friday, October 17, 2014

Paati Vaithiyam for Weight loss Tamil nattu Marunthu

Paati vaithiyam for Weight loss Tamil 
This is paati vaithiyam for weight loss Tamil nattu marunthu. Obesity is the major problem for both children and adults. The reason is changed life style and westernized food style.  This is the major problem for women after their delivery. It is advised to avoid English medicines for weight loss because this will cause serious health issues.  Here are some home remedy nattu  vaithiyam for weight loss. Kollu recipes are considered as the best tamil weight loss food.  Eating less carbohydrate and fat food help to reduce your weight this is the secrete of cinema actor and actress sudden weight loss and weight gain.

Tamil paati vaithiyam for weight loss 
• Honey and fresh lemon juice mixed in warm water is an ancient remedy to lose weight. Consume it on empty stomach in the morning.
• Soak 3-4 garlic cloves in milk and boil it. Consume this milk along with garlic to reduce weight effectively. Continue this remedy for few months.
• Regular consumption of cow milk along with honey can prove useful to reduce weight.
• Regularly consume snake gourd and see your weight reducing within few months.
• Add paste of carrot in thin buttermilk and consume twice a day to reduce weight within few months.
• Raw papaya is very good for reducing weight effectively. Add raw papaya in your regular diet along with dal.
• Black pepper works very efficiently on weight reduction. Add black pepper powder in your vegetables and soups. Black pepper powder can reduce body fats by burning them.
• Papaya fruit is useful to reduce weight. Eat regularly to see difference in your weight. Also include vegetables soup in your daily diet for weight reduction.
• Green tea is always considered as beneficial for reducing weight.
• Add ginger in your regular tea as ginger works best on weight controlling.
• Add ginger paste and honey in guggul and consume it to reduce weight effectively.
• Add tulsi paste and honey in warm water. Consume this water twice a day to fight obesity.
• Horse gram is very useful in reducing obesity. Soak horse gram in water for overnight and morning have horse gram juice on empty stomach.
• Eat tomato every morning on empty stomach. This can reduce your cholesterol level and help you to reduce fats.
• Cabbage is always proved to be beneficial for weight reduction. Eat plenty of cabbage in your daily diet. Eating raw cabbage is more beneficial for quick results.
• Daily consume few curry leaves on empty stomach. This remedy can definitely help you to reduce obesity.
• Drink plenty of water in a day. It is necessary to drink at least 8 glasses of water daily.

• Green mint is very useful to control weight quickly. Chew few mint leaves daily to reduce weight.