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Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Tamil paarambariya maruthuvam diseases treatment

Are you interested to cure some diseases at home by using kitchen ingredients? Just know about Tamil paarambariya maruthuvam diseases treatment. Tamil siddha, ayurveda maruthuvam, Tamil mooligai maruthuvam, Grandma kitchen home remedies are useful for many diseases and health problems which was popular in old ancient days. This medicines do not cause any side effects.

Tamil iyarkai maruthuvam for fever: Ginger is highly used ingredient in kitchen. Ginger has amazing medicinal properties which help to fight against various health conditions. Fresh ginger juice along with honey is helpful for viral fever. Consuming soup made by adding onion and garlic can prove very beneficial in treating viral fever effectively.
Take out fresh tulsi leaves extracts and mix it with honey and ginger juice. Consume this mixture twice a day to treat fever or viral infection.
Add a pinch of black pepper powder in your regular tea to cure viral fever. Consume herbal tea made with cinnamon, ginger powder, cardamom and honey can prove very beneficial for fever.

Tamil eliya maruthuvam for throat pain: Ginger juice is beneficial for getting relief from throat pain effectively. Extracts of Licorice roots are useful for all types of respiratory tract infection. It can reduce throat pain and throat irritation.
Gargle with warm salt water to get instant relief from throat pain and irritation. Mix apple cider vinegar and honey with warm water and consume the mixture or gargle with it to get relief from throat infection.
Keep a piece of freshly cut garlic and keep it in your mouth to suck juice. This can give instant healing for your painful throat.

Tamil medicine for allergy: consumption of garlic juice is useful to fight against many types of allergies.
Green tea has proved beneficial in curing many types of allergic conditions effectively.
Tulsi extracts mixed with honey and fresh lemon juice can be an effective remedy for allergies and infections. Turmeric is beneficial to fight against allergic conditions.

Ulcer Tamil maruthuvam: Tomato juice has been proved very beneficial to treat mouth ulcer effectively. Gargle with any antiseptic mouth wash three to four times a day to treat the condition.
 Vitamin C deficiency can be one of the reasons for mouth ulcers; consuming orange juice can give you relief from the condition.
Antibacterial properties of ginger help to heal the stomach ulcers effectively. Consume olive oil daily to cure stomach ulcer effectively.

Tamil medicine for ear pain: using hot compress near ear area can give quick relief from ear pain. Put few drops of fresh tulsi leaves extracts in ear to get relief from pain by treating infection.
Take out juice of mango leaves and put few drops in ears to relieve pain quickly. Put few drops of warm castor oil in ears to get rid of pain and infection.

Tamil maruthuvam for hair growth: Apply freshly cut aloe vera juice on scalp to prevent hair fall and to support hair growth.
Amla is very beneficial for hair growth. Daily apply amla oil on head or use amla powder to treat the problem.
Massage scalp with coconut milk, this will stimulate the roots of the hair and prevent hair loss.
Applying the fresh juice of coriander leaves on scalp can work effectively to treat hair loss.

Tamil maruthuvam for gas problem: Boil some cumin seeds in water and consume the warm water to get instant relief from stomach pain and gas.
Mix lemon juice and honey in warm water and consume it to reduce the stomach pain.
Chew some methi seeds to reduce the pain due to indigestion or other stomach infections.

Tamil medicine for Constipation: Consume hot water regularly before going to bed to solve the problem of constipation.
Mix castor oil with warm water and consume before going to bed to treat constipation.
Consuming grape juice can treat the problem of constipation effectively.

Tamil maruthuvam for Headache: Cold compress on forehead can give you instant relief from headache.
Gentle massage with coconut oil or almond oil can treat the headache effectively.
A hot cup of herbal tea with ginger can be a best remedy for headache.
Consume fresh coconut water to get rid of throbbing headache.

Thursday, December 4, 2014

Kai vaithiyam in Tamil nattu marunthu medicine

This is to share the information of Tamil nattu vaithiyam kai vaithiyam in tamil marunthu medicines.  

 Kai vaithiyam for headache
Gentle massage with eucalyptus oil or castor oil can be beneficial in migraine. Apply crushed cabbage paste on headache to get instant relief from headache. It is advised to rest in a dark and peaceful room by closing your eyes and lying in a comfortable posture to reduce the inflammation of migraine. Hold ice pack on your forehead to reduce the headache immediately. Eucalyptus oil is the best kai vaithiyam for sinus problem.

Kai vaithiyam for stomach pain
 Drink a glass of omam water or have 1tsp of cumin powder mixed in a glass of water. If the pain is due to indigestion take asafetida water. If you feel gastric, boil some cloves of garlic with milk and eat the garlic.

Kai vaithiyam for cold in babies
 Tulsi leaves   juice and beetle leaves are best to treat cold in babies.  Apply eucalyptus oil on chest and back, eucalyptus oil steam also works better to reduce the chest congestion.

Kai vaithiyam for throat infection
 Eat fresh tulsi leaves and omam leaves often. Let your throat to soak in this juice always to reduce the infection.  Chew the leaves immediately after eating food or water.

Kai vaithiyam for piles
Piles moolam is caused by taking less fibre food and water. Take three lit of water daily. Eat 2 to 3 cups of whole grains like horse gram or green gram with papaya and banana.  

Kai vaithiyam for constipation
Adults can take papaya juice prepared with warm milk at night. Give one whole apple in the evening for children.   

Kai vaithiyam after delivery
 Drinking horse gram juice after delivery reduce the unwanted fat in the body. One of the best  kai vaithiyam for weight loss is pine apple juice.  Taking pine apple juice daily with some diet control can reduce the weight.

Kai vaithiyam for Cough
Mix honey and lemon in hot water and consume the mixture thrice a day to get rid of cough. Drink green herbal tea to get instant relief. Chew black pepper powder mixed with jaggery to cure cough and cold.

Tamil medicine for pimples
Apply aloe vera juice or rub with aloe vera pulp on your face to remove acne completely. Wash your face three or four  times a day with mild soap or mild face wash. Apply honey on acne affected area and after half an hour wash your face with lukewarm water.

Kai vaithiyam for Dandruff podugu
Apply fresh aloe vera juice on scalp and wash hair after 20 minutes to get rid of dandruff effectively. Apple cider vinegar works beneficially to clean the scalp and remove the dandruff.

Kai vaithiyam for fever
Take 10 drops Tulsi leaves  juice, beetle leaves juice 10 drops, dry ginger a pinch, pepper a pinch, jiggery a piece. Add the ingredients and prepare tulasi kashayam to teat fever both for adult and children.   

Monday, November 10, 2014

Paati vaithiyam for hair fall Tamil medicine to induce hair growth

Paati vaithiyam for hair fall Tamil medicine
This is paati vaithiyam for hair fall Tamil medicine to induce hair growth. Hair fall can be due to various reasons such as hormonal imbalance, stress, pollution, scalp infections, chemical products, certain diseases and medications, chronic illness or iron deficiency. There are some simple home remedies to cure the problem and support the healthy hair growth.

1. Paati vaithiyam for hair loss in Tamil hot oil massage: Gentle oil massage on scalp can help to reduce the problem. The hair massage can help to improve the blood circulation in the scalp and supports hair growth. The oils like coconut oil, almond oil, amla oil or castor oil can prove beneficial with regular usage. Warm and massage any of these oil with medium pressure on your scalp with the help of fingertips.

2. Paati vaithiyam for hair growth using Amla or Indian gooseberry: Amla is always considered best for all types of hair treatment. Amla is rich in Vitamin C, which is very necessary for hair growth. Anti bacterial and anti inflammatory properties of amla helps to maintain healthy scalp and support hair growth. Mix amla juice with fresh lemon juice and apply this mixture on your scalp. Leave it for overnight and morning wash your hair with lukewarm water.

3. Paati vaithiyam for hair fall  Tamil using fenugreek seeds: Methi or fenugreek seeds are very effective in hair growth treatment. It contains hormone antecedents which are supportive in new hair growth. The proteins and nicotinic acid present in fenugreek seeds help to stimulate hair growth. Soak methi seeds in water for overnight and morning make a fine paste of it.  Apply this paste on hair and scalp and leave for half an hour. Wash head with luke warm water. Repeat the process for a month.

4. patti vaithiyam for hair in tamil hair growth using onion juice: Onion juice is used to treat hair fall. Onion juice contains sulfer which supports hair growth by improving blood circulation. It regenerates hair follicles and supports hair growth.  The antibacterial properties of onion can cure scalp infection which can cause hair fall. Extract onion juice and directly apply on the scalp. Leave it for half an hour and wash with mild shampoo.

5. Tamil grandma medicine for hair using beet root: beet root juice is rich in carbohydrates, protein, potassium, calcium and vitamin B and C. These nutrients are beneficial for healthy hair growth. Consume fresh beet root juice along with your regular diet. Make a fine paste of beet root leaves and apply on scalp along with henna powder. Wash after 20 minutes to support hair growth. Beetroot juice is used as a natural hair colour for gray and white hair problem.

Friday, October 17, 2014

Paati Vaithiyam for Weight loss Tamil nattu Marunthu

Paati vaithiyam for Weight loss Tamil 
This is paati vaithiyam for weight loss Tamil nattu marunthu. Obesity is the major problem for both children and adults. The reason is changed life style and westernized food style.  This is the major problem for women after their delivery. It is advised to avoid English medicines for weight loss because this will cause serious health issues.  Here are some home remedy nattu  vaithiyam for weight loss. Kollu recipes are considered as the best tamil weight loss food.  Eating less carbohydrate and fat food help to reduce your weight this is the secrete of cinema actor and actress sudden weight loss and weight gain.

Tamil paati vaithiyam for weight loss 
• Honey and fresh lemon juice mixed in warm water is an ancient remedy to lose weight. Consume it on empty stomach in the morning.
• Soak 3-4 garlic cloves in milk and boil it. Consume this milk along with garlic to reduce weight effectively. Continue this remedy for few months.
• Regular consumption of cow milk along with honey can prove useful to reduce weight.
• Regularly consume snake gourd and see your weight reducing within few months.
• Add paste of carrot in thin buttermilk and consume twice a day to reduce weight within few months.
• Raw papaya is very good for reducing weight effectively. Add raw papaya in your regular diet along with dal.
• Black pepper works very efficiently on weight reduction. Add black pepper powder in your vegetables and soups. Black pepper powder can reduce body fats by burning them.
• Papaya fruit is useful to reduce weight. Eat regularly to see difference in your weight. Also include vegetables soup in your daily diet for weight reduction.
• Green tea is always considered as beneficial for reducing weight.
• Add ginger in your regular tea as ginger works best on weight controlling.
• Add ginger paste and honey in guggul and consume it to reduce weight effectively.
• Add tulsi paste and honey in warm water. Consume this water twice a day to fight obesity.
• Horse gram is very useful in reducing obesity. Soak horse gram in water for overnight and morning have horse gram juice on empty stomach.
• Eat tomato every morning on empty stomach. This can reduce your cholesterol level and help you to reduce fats.
• Cabbage is always proved to be beneficial for weight reduction. Eat plenty of cabbage in your daily diet. Eating raw cabbage is more beneficial for quick results.
• Daily consume few curry leaves on empty stomach. This remedy can definitely help you to reduce obesity.
• Drink plenty of water in a day. It is necessary to drink at least 8 glasses of water daily.

• Green mint is very useful to control weight quickly. Chew few mint leaves daily to reduce weight.

Monday, September 29, 2014

Paati vaithiyam for babies in Tamil Kitchen Medicine

Paati Vaithiyam for babies in Tamil 

This is patti vaithiyam for babies in tamil medicine. People usually do some paati vaithiyam for new born babies. This Grandma’s home remedies are always safe and without any side effects but there are some risk factors while practicing paati vaithiyam for a child.
1. Paati vaithiyam for babies cold
Put raw onion slices in your baby’s room, this can keep your baby safe from congestion in cough and cold. It can give relief to your baby from stuffy nose also.
 2. Another home remedy for blocked and stuffy nose is inhaling the steam. You can steam up your bathroom for the convenience of your baby.

3. Paati vaithiyam for cough in babies 
 Tulsi leaves juice can work effectively on cough and cold in babies. Boil
some tulsi leaves in water and feed that warm water to your babies for quick results.
4. Paati vaithiyam for babies fever 
If your baby is suffering from fever then take a bowl of warm water and put a slice of fresh lemon in it. Now take a soft cotton cloth and give a sponge bath to your baby. This can reduce fever quickly.
 5.  Paati vaithiyam for sore throat
If your child is suffering from sore throat and cough then mixture of honey and fresh lemon juice can prove a best remedy. Take honey and lemon juice in same quantity and warm the mixture little bit. Give a teaspoon of it twice a day.
6.  Paati vaithiyam for insect bite
If you are worried about insect bites for your baby then baking soda can give your baby a soothing relief. Make a paste of baking soda with water and apply it on the bites. Allow it to dry for some time. This remedy can reduce the itching and swelling due to insect bite.
 7. If a kid is crying because of head pain then tie up ice cubes in a soft towel and press it on its forehead and temples to provide relief. Do not put ice directly on your baby’s forehead.
  Paati vaithiyam for vomiting
8. If the baby is suffering from nausea or vomiting then few drops of ginger juice can prove beneficial. You can add it in warm water.
9.  Paati vaithiyam for skin infection
If you find any reddish or swelling on baby skin then apply cucumber slices on the affected area. The cooling effect of cucumber can reduce the burning sensation effectively.
10.  Paati vaithiyam for stomach pain
If your baby is upset with stomach pain then boil ajwain, jeera, dry ginger and black salt in water. Filter and give this warm water to your kid to get rid of the problem.

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