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Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Ammai patti vaithiyam chicken pox home remedy therapy

Ammai patti vaithiyam chicken pox therapy
This is Ammai noi patti vaithiyam chicken pox home remedy therapy. Chicken pox is a contagious skin infection that can spread with a great speed. The disease vanishes off after 2 to 3 weeks but most of the time it leaves scars behind.
Here are some very effective home remedies to soothe the side effects like itching and burning sensation due to chicken pox infection.

Paati vaithiyam for ammai using honey: Honey is the very good remedy for many types of skin ailments. It can cure the itching and burning sensation caused by chicken pox. Apply pure honey from market and apply it on the affected areas. The application of honey will reduce the scratching sensation and it will also help to remove scars.

Ammai tamil maruthuvam using baking soda: Mix baking soda in water and apply it on chicken pox. Allow it to get dry. The regular application of baking soda will help you to treat the disease rapidly and it can also reduce the itching sensation.

Neem for chicken pox: The anti viral and anti bacterial properties of neem leaves are very beneficial to treat chick pox infection and reduce the itching. Add fresh neem leaves in bathing water to soothe the burning sensation. You can also grind some fresh neem leaves to make a fine paste. Apply this paste on the affected areas to get calming relief on the itchy bumps. Neem leaves paste also helps to dry the blisters rapidly and thus help to heal the infection of chickenpox.

Vinegar to cure chicken pox: Vinegar is also an effective remedy to reduce itching caused by chicken pox. It is also the very good remedy to clear scars caused by the infection. If the vinegar is too strong then add tea tree oil or lavender oil along with vinegar in water and wash your affected area with this water. The use of these oils will also help you to get sound sleep.

Green peas to treat chicken pox: Ayurvedic medicinal therapy suggests green peas for the treatment of chicken pox. Apply the paste of boiled green peas on the chicken pox eruptions and allow it to dry for an hour. Wash it out with lukewarm water. The calming effect of green peas can heal the infection quickly and help to reduce scars also.

Carrot and coriander chicken pox remedy: The medicinal properties of Carrot and coriander can heal the chickenpox sores effectively. Clean and cut the vegetables and boil them in water to cook them. Mash the vegetables in soup and consume this hot soup to cure the sickness completely.

Calamine lotion for chicken pox races: Applying Calamine lotion on the chickenpox infection can give you much relief from itching. Add calamine lotion in lavender oil and use this lotion on the affected areas. Calamine lotion can reduce the itching and burning sensation quickly.

Sandalwood oil for skin burning: Sandalwood oil can produce cooling effects and reduce the itching and burning sensation effectively. It can also fasten the healing process. Sandalwood oil along with Vitamin E oil can reduce the scaring also.

Sea salt: Add tbsp of sea salt in your bathing water to get rid of infection and itching. You can also add lavender oil along with sea salt to get more benefits. The antimicrobial properties of sea salt can fight against the infection effectively and lavender oil can alleviate the skin.

Cool water bath: If you are suffering from infection of chicken pox, take cool water bath to relax your body. Cool water bath can reduce the itching sensation effectively and heal the infection quickly. You can also apply a piece of ice on the affected area to get calming effect.

Peppermint oil: peppermint oil can give calming effect on the chickenpox blisters. Dilute peppermint oil in water and apply it on the burning area. The cooling effect of peppermint oil can reduce the burning sensation instantly.

When you are suffering from infection try to avoid itching as it can spread the infection and worsen the condition. Keep a watch on your diet, instead of hot and spicy food prefer to take lots of fruits and vegetables. The antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals can fight against the infection by making the body stronger.

Monday, March 14, 2016

Paati Vaithiyam for Acne Scars

This is paati vaithiyam for acne scars.Acne and acne scars are the biggest problems faced my most of the youngsters. Acne scars can affect the beauty of young ladies. Many internal as well as external reasons can cause acne. Grandma remedies are very beneficial to cure acne and reduce acne scars quickly. They not only clear the acne scars but also makes the skin smooth and shiny. Here are some of the grandma remedies to cure acne scars.
Drinking lots of water can remove the harmful toxins from the body naturally and prevents the formation of acne on the skin. It is the best paati vaithiyam for pimples. It is the most important thing to follow if you want to get rid of acne and acne scars.

  • Very effective paati vaithiyam for acne problem is lemon. Mix lemon juice in ground nut oil and apply it on the acne scars to remove them quickly. This remedy is equally effective to get rid of blackheads too.
  • Make a fine paste of presoaked fenugreek seeds and apply this paste on acne and acne scars. Wash your face with water after two hours. This remedy will not only prevent the formation of the acne but also can reduce the acne scars.
  • Very easy patti vaithiyam for acne is herbal face pack. Apply a homemade face pack using cinnamon powder and honey. Apply it on acne affected area and wash after half an hour. Cinnamon can remove the acne scars effectively and gives natural glow to your skin.
  • Mint leaves paste is very beneficial to reduce acne and acne scars from your skin. The cooling effect of mint leaves can prevent the formation of acne and pimples.
  • Orange peel powder is most trusted remedy for removing scars from your skin. Mix orange peel powder in rose water and make a thick paste of it. Apply this paste on affected area and wash after an hour. This remedy can give a natural shine to your skin.
  • Rub freshly cut aloe Vera plant on your face and neck area. The medicinal properties of aloe Vera will not only reduce the problem of acne and pimples but also clean off the acne scars effectively. This remedy is beneficial for all types of skin problems.
  • Paste of raw papaya is very beneficial to make your skin clean and pimple free. Apply the paste on the affected area and wash off after half an hour with cold water. Within few days you can find the acne scars are vanished.
  • Make a thick paste using sesame seeds along with lemon juice and honey. Apply this paste for any skin problems. The bleaching effect of lemon will remove the acne scars quickly.
  • The paste made with pomegranate seeds along with lemon juice can not only bring a glow on your skin but also can clear off the acne and pimple scars.
  • Make a thick paste using baking soda and water. Baking soda can effectively remove the dead skin cells from the skin. It is very beneficial to reduce the problem of acne and pimple. The cleansing properties of baking soda can cure the acne scars effectively.
  • Apply white portion of eggs on acne scars to remove them fast. The egg white is rich in amino acid which can stiffen the skin pores and alleviate the acne scars effectively. Apply a slender coat of egg white on the affected area and when it gets dry, wash it with warm water and mild face wash. Following this remedy regularly can lighten up your complexion too.
  • Apply olive oil on face and the skin around to remove acne scars effectively.
  • Vitamin A, D and E in olive oil are very beneficial for skin problems. Apply olive oil before going to bed in the night and gently massage it. Olive oil can eradicate dirt and dust from the skin pores and reduces the scars too.