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Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Tamil paarambariya maruthuvam diseases treatment

Are you interested to cure some diseases at home by using kitchen ingredients? Just know about Tamil paarambariya maruthuvam diseases treatment. Tamil siddha, ayurveda maruthuvam, Tamil mooligai maruthuvam, Grandma kitchen home remedies are useful for many diseases and health problems which was popular in old ancient days. This medicines do not cause any side effects.

Tamil iyarkai maruthuvam for fever: Ginger is highly used ingredient in kitchen. Ginger has amazing medicinal properties which help to fight against various health conditions. Fresh ginger juice along with honey is helpful for viral fever. Consuming soup made by adding onion and garlic can prove very beneficial in treating viral fever effectively.
Take out fresh tulsi leaves extracts and mix it with honey and ginger juice. Consume this mixture twice a day to treat fever or viral infection.
Add a pinch of black pepper powder in your regular tea to cure viral fever. Consume herbal tea made with cinnamon, ginger powder, cardamom and honey can prove very beneficial for fever.

Tamil eliya maruthuvam for throat pain: Ginger juice is beneficial for getting relief from throat pain effectively. Extracts of Licorice roots are useful for all types of respiratory tract infection. It can reduce throat pain and throat irritation.
Gargle with warm salt water to get instant relief from throat pain and irritation. Mix apple cider vinegar and honey with warm water and consume the mixture or gargle with it to get relief from throat infection.
Keep a piece of freshly cut garlic and keep it in your mouth to suck juice. This can give instant healing for your painful throat.

Tamil medicine for allergy: consumption of garlic juice is useful to fight against many types of allergies.
Green tea has proved beneficial in curing many types of allergic conditions effectively.
Tulsi extracts mixed with honey and fresh lemon juice can be an effective remedy for allergies and infections. Turmeric is beneficial to fight against allergic conditions.

Ulcer Tamil maruthuvam: Tomato juice has been proved very beneficial to treat mouth ulcer effectively. Gargle with any antiseptic mouth wash three to four times a day to treat the condition.
 Vitamin C deficiency can be one of the reasons for mouth ulcers; consuming orange juice can give you relief from the condition.
Antibacterial properties of ginger help to heal the stomach ulcers effectively. Consume olive oil daily to cure stomach ulcer effectively.

Tamil medicine for ear pain: using hot compress near ear area can give quick relief from ear pain. Put few drops of fresh tulsi leaves extracts in ear to get relief from pain by treating infection.
Take out juice of mango leaves and put few drops in ears to relieve pain quickly. Put few drops of warm castor oil in ears to get rid of pain and infection.

Tamil maruthuvam for hair growth: Apply freshly cut aloe vera juice on scalp to prevent hair fall and to support hair growth.
Amla is very beneficial for hair growth. Daily apply amla oil on head or use amla powder to treat the problem.
Massage scalp with coconut milk, this will stimulate the roots of the hair and prevent hair loss.
Applying the fresh juice of coriander leaves on scalp can work effectively to treat hair loss.

Tamil maruthuvam for gas problem: Boil some cumin seeds in water and consume the warm water to get instant relief from stomach pain and gas.
Mix lemon juice and honey in warm water and consume it to reduce the stomach pain.
Chew some methi seeds to reduce the pain due to indigestion or other stomach infections.

Tamil medicine for Constipation: Consume hot water regularly before going to bed to solve the problem of constipation.
Mix castor oil with warm water and consume before going to bed to treat constipation.
Consuming grape juice can treat the problem of constipation effectively.

Tamil maruthuvam for Headache: Cold compress on forehead can give you instant relief from headache.
Gentle massage with coconut oil or almond oil can treat the headache effectively.
A hot cup of herbal tea with ginger can be a best remedy for headache.
Consume fresh coconut water to get rid of throbbing headache.

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