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Friday, January 16, 2015

Patti vaithiyam for diabetes Tamil / Nattu marunthu for diabetes

This is paati vaithiyam for diabetes in Tamil or Patti vaithiyam for diabetes. The meaning is grandma remedy nattu marunthu for diabetes used by using the natural available ingredients.  The ingredients for grandma medicines are easily available in kitchen. These medicinal therapies are without any side effects.

To treat diabetes it is necessary to follow regular exercise, healthy diet and proper medication. Following are some of the famous grandma remedies to cure diabetes:

Bitter gourd for diabetes: This is the nest tamil siddha medicine for diabetes. It is the well known remedy to treat diabetes. It is the best way to control blood glucose level in body. It also helps to increase the insulin production in the body. It is the best remedy to decrease the insulin resistance problem in a diabetic patient. Crush bitter gourd pieces in mixer after removing the seeds inside. Consume the extracted bitter gourd juice every morning on empty stomach. Continue the remedy for 3 to 6 months to treat diabetes.

Lady finger for diabetes treatment: One if the best Tamil herbal medicine for diabetes is ladies finger. It is one of the most trusted remedies to decrease glucose level in blood. Vertically slit 2 or 3 lady’s fingers and dip them in a glass of water for overnight. Morning remove the vegetable and drink the water on empty stomach. Continue this remedy for six months to cure diabetes effectively.

Vendhayam for diabetes treatment: Vendhayam is used in ayurvedic medicine for diabetes in Tamil maruthuvam. Fenugreek seeds is the best treatment for controlling diabetes without any medication. It reduces the blood glucose level by controlling the absorption of sugar and carbohydrates in the body. Fenugreek seeds are the rich source of fibre. Soak fenugreek seeds in water overnight and morning drink the water and chew the seeds on empty stomach. Continuing this remedy for few months will show positive results in your diabetes level. Another way to consume fenugreek seeds are to dry roast them and grind them into powder. Mix this powder with warm water or milk and consume it twice a day.

Cinnamon for diabetes: This is a natural medicine for diabetes in Tamil sugar treatment. This wonder spice stimulates the insulin production in the body and reduces blood sugar level in the body. Grind cinnamon and make a fine powder. Add this powder in hot water and drink the water twice a day for six months. This therapy effectively trims down the sugar level.

Nellikai for diabetes: Indian gooseberry or amla provides a huge amount of vitamin C. It is considered as one of the trustworthy treatment for type 2 diabetes. Make a paste of amla fruit after removing the centre seed of it. Extract the juice from the paste and mix it with hot water. Consume it on empty stomach for better results. Amla powder is available in the market; you can use this powder in warm water and consume it for same effectiveness.

Mango leaves for diabetes: Mangoes are not good for diabetic patients but mango leaves work effectively in reducing blood sugar level. Soak mango leaves in water and leave overnight. Morning remove the leaves and drink the water on empty stomach. Another way of following this remedy is to dry the mango leaves and then make a powder of leaves. Boil this powder in water and consume the water daily for few months.


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  2. One if the best home grown solution for diabetes is vegetable. It is a standout amongst the most trusted solutions for reduction glucose level in blood. Vertically opening 2 or 3 woman's fingers and dunk them in a glass of water for overnight. Morning evacuate the vegetable and beverage the water on vacant stomach. Proceed with this solution for six months to cure diabetes adequately. herbal medicine for diabetes