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Thursday, July 7, 2016

Patti vaithiyam for foot pain, leg and heel pain

This is patti vaithiyam for foot pain and heel pain. Foot pain is such a common health problem that sometimes we don’t even pay much attention towards it. Many people face this problem daily in their busy life.

Foot pain can include the pain in toes, ankles or heel and sole. There are various reasons behind the pain that includes uncomfortable foot wears, walking or standing for longer period, aging factor, bone problems like fracture or sprain, mineral deficiency, diabetes or other health problems. Taking painkiller tablet is a common remedy for pain but here we will try to understand some easy home remedies paati vaithiyam for foot pain to get relief from foot pain:

Hot and cold water therapy:
This is the best paati vaithiyam for leg pain in Tamil medicine. It is one of the most effective therapies for foot pain too. The hot water will support the smooth blood flow and the cold water will help you to reduce pain and inflammation. You need to take two buckets, one full of cold water and another full of hot water. Make yourself comfortable in a chair and dip your feet in hot water first. After five minutes take out your feet from hot water and dip in cold water for few seconds. Repeat the process three times for quick results. Instead of water you can also use heat pad and ice pack to use one by one for your painful feet.

Vinegar is useful in many health treatments. It can also reduce the foot pain caused by sprain. Take a bucket or tub and fill it with hot water. Add two to three tablespoons of vinegar in it. If possible mix sea salt in the water. Dip your feet in the water for 15 to 20 minutes. You can also repeat hot water and cold water therapy by adding vinegar in the water. Instead of heat and ice pads, you can dip a towel in hot water with vinegar and wrap it around your feet and after few minutes wrap towel dipped in cold water around feet.

Ice for leg pain:
Ice therapy is also known as a very good remedy for reducing foot pain and swelling. Use crushed ice for the treatment. Put the crushed ice in plastic bag and use it for gentle massage on painful area. Move the ice bag on painful area in a circular motion. The coldness of ice can numb the nerves in the painful area for some time. This can give you instant relief for some time. Swelling also gets reduced by this therapy. Just you need to remember one thing that using ice bag more that 10 minutes can damage your nerves and affect blood circulation.

Clove oil:
This is another useful remedy for many types of pains including headache, joint pain, foot pain and athlete’s foot. The application of clove oil can improve blood circulation effectively. use clove oil to give gentle massage on painful feet. It will not only improve the blood flow but also give relaxation to your muscles. Repeat this therapy twice or thrice a day for quick relief. If your skin is too sensitive to apply clove oil directly then mix it with olive oil or coconut oil to massage feet.

Epsom salt:
Soothing effect of Epsom salt can give soothing relief to your painful feet. The use of Epsom salt along with hot water will give you instant relief from the pain and it can also give you muscles relaxation. Mix two tablespoons of Epson salt in hot water and dip your feet in water for few minutes. After taking out dry your feet with towel and apply moisturizer to avoid dryness. Follow this therapy regularly to give relief to pain after a long tiresome day.

Cayenne pepper:
Cayenne pepper is loaded with capsaicin that is famous for reducing muscle pain, strain, arthritis, lower back pain and even foot pain. Generally it is seen that when our feet get cold, they pain. In such cases sprinkle some cayenne pepper in your socks to keep the feet warm. Another treatment with cayenne pepper is adding it in a bucket of hot water and soaking feet in it for few minutes. This remedy will give warming effect to your feet and reduce the pain quickly.

Mustard seeds:

Mustard seeds are very beneficial for treating painful feet. The use of mustard seeds removes toxic water from the body and supports the smooth blood circulation. It can reduce the pain and swelling effectively. Make a paste of mustard seeds and add it in warm water. Dip your feet in water for 15 to 20 minutes and dry them with towel.

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