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Friday, January 8, 2016

Paati vaithiyam for jaundice Tamil nattu marunthu

This is Paati vaithiyam for jaundice tamil nattu marunthu. The herb Phyllanthus Niruri or Keelanelli is found easily in south parts of India. It is also known as Bhoomi amla. The medicinal properties of this plant have made the plant important in many kinds of ayurvedic and herbal remedies. Siddha medicinal therapy also uses the plant for various health problems. The phyllanthus niruri is especially used for the treatment of Jaundice and other liver and kidney related problems. It can also be beneficial in curing the viral and bacterial infections of many kinds. Apart from it the herb is used for menstruation related problems, dysentery and also diabetes.  In many parts of India, the leaves extracts of the plants are used for cure of snake bite.

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The leaves of phyllanthus niruri are used an important ingredient for treating jaundice. The leaves are ground by adding onion and turmeric powder in it. This paste is mixed with milk or butter milk and given to the patient twice a day on empty stomach for better health benefits. The regular consumption can cure jaundice within few days only. The medicinal properties of the herb are beneficial for kidney and liver health. It can boost the functioning of liver and also shield the liver tissues efficiently. The consumption of the herb leaves can also prevent and cure kidney stones effectively.

The juice extracts of the niruri plant can give quick healing in jaundice. The Amarus found in the niruri leaves is considered to be very effective against jaundice and other liver diseases. Paati vaithiyam for jaundice was practiced from ancient days. The plant extracts are used in liver tonics like Liv-52 that is prescribed for liver health and for viral hepatitis. The studies have proved that the plant extracts are beneficial for both Hepatitis A and B. In ayurvedic therapy the leaves of the phyllanthus niruri plant are ground with cardamom and turmeric powder. Onion is also added along with other ingredients.

The paste of the niruri leaves is very effective for jaundice. The jaundice gets relieved within 4 to 5 days with the treatment. The plant extracts not only reduce the bilirubin levels but also help to restore the liver cells and prevents liver failure. The plant extracts are also available in form of capsules in market.

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