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Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Ashwagandha health benefits herbal treatment Tamil medicine

This is about Ashwagandha health benefits herbal treatment Tamil medicine.  
The plant of Ashwagandha is called Withania Somnifera. This healing plant is loaded with many medicinal properties. It can cure various health problems easily. ayurvedic therapies  use this miraculous plant in preparing medicines. Here are some of the medicinal uses and natural healing remedies of Ashwagandha.

Ashwagandha for sperm count : This medicinal plant is mainly used for treating male infertility. Those who are suffering from the problem of low sperm count can take advantage of Ashwagandha plant as a useful treatment.

Ashwagandha for immune system: Herbal healing method gives your body resistance to fight against disease causing germs. The plant is also known as wonderful immunity builder. The regular consumption of plant extracts can keep you safe from infections easily. The viral infections like fever and cold can be prevented by the anti-microbial properties of ashwagandha herb.

Ashwagandha for thyroid : Ashwagandha thyroid treatment in ayurveda is very effective. The patients of hypothyroidism can be treated with the help of plant extracts as it stimulates the thyroid glands. It can be taken in the form of ashwagandha tea.

Ashwagandha benefits for heart : The consumption of withania plant extracts stimulates the production of good cholesterol HDL cholesterol  in the body. It also helps to wash out bad cholesterol from the body and thus reduces the risk of heart attack and other heart diseases.

Ashwagandha herb for sleeping : Ayurvedic medicinal therapy uses ashwagandha extracts or powder can be used to treat the patients of Insomnia effectively.

Ashwagandha for menstrual cycle : The menstrual problems of ladies are cured with the help of ashwagandha plant extracts. The irregularity of menstrual periods, mentural cramps or the pain during the periods can be treated by this amazing plant.

Ashwagandha for anxiety:  Ashwagandha plant is considered as natural mood booster as it can fight against hypertension. The anti depressant quality of ashwagandha plant reduces the level of depression and anxiety.

Ashwagandha for eyesight : The rapid development of cataract can be stopped or slow down by using Ashwagandha plant extracts. It is considered as the very useful medicine for healing paralysis within few months.

Ashwagandha for diabetes : Ayurvedic treatment for diabetes using herbal therapy is so popular. Ashwagandha plant is also useful in the treatment diabetes mellitus. It not only controls the blood sugar level in the body but also boosts the insulin production in the body.

Ashwagandha for rheumatoid arthritis : The patients of Arthritis and rheumatism can take advantage of Ashwagandha plant. The anti inflammatory properties of plant are helpful to reduce pain effectively.

Ashwagandha for blood circulation:  The regular consumption of ashwagandha plant increases the blood production in the body. It is a natural blood purifier.

Ashwagandha for asthma: The plant extracts are equally useful in the treatment of diseases like tuberculosis and asthma.

Ashwagandha for skin care: The minor skin problems like rashes, heat boils and minor cuts and wounds can be treated with this natural medicinal herb.

Ashwagandha for memory and mind: Ashwagandha plant extracts are useful for the students who are suffering from problem of weak memory. The ashwagandha herbal capsules are available in the market easily.

Ashwagandha for cancer and blood pressure: The plant is useful for controlling blood pressure effectively. Ashwagandha extracts are widely used to control the growth of cancer tumour.



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