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Thursday, October 8, 2015

Paati vaithiyam for infertility Tamil medicine

This is the formation on paati vaithiyam for infertility. Sterility tamil meaning is Maladu.  If the woman is not able to get pregnant for more than one year then the condition is considered as Female Sterility or Infertility in medical terminology. In many cases a woman gets pregnant but faces the problem of repeated miscarriages. Reasons behind this condition are many but most of the time the problem is solved with proper treatment and medication. tamil medicine for fertility is effective to cure this problem.

Generally female infertility deals with hormonal imbalance of ovulation problems. And the medical treatments can lead to several side effects too. The treatment can be a very long process. Let’s try to find out some natural and easy remedies to cure the condition successfully:

Paati vaithiyam for pregnancy delay Tamil medicine
Roots of Banyan trees are considered as very good remedy to cure the problem of female infertility. The roots are dried in sunlight and ground into fine powder. It is suggested to consume this powder mixed in warm cup of milk in the morning. This remedy helps to solve the problems related with woman fertility. The remedy should be continued for six to eight months for positive results. The remedy should not be continued during the menstrual period.

paati vaithiyam for getting pregnant  using herbs
Many herbs are beneficial to treat the condition of infertility in the female. The Winter Cherry is famous as very useful herb in the treatment. The herb is powdered and consumed along with milk for good results.
Another beneficial herb is Black Cohosh which is popularly used for the treatment of woman sterility. The herb regulates the menstrual cycle and supports the perfect fertilization of the sperms.

Paati vaithiyam to become pregnant egg plant 
Egg plant is also equally advantageous for the treatment of woman infertility. Consume egg plant with buttermilk for two to three months to get positive results. One more famous herb that is used for the treatment of irregular menstrual cycle due to hormonal imbalance is Dong Quai. The herb carries the amazing blood thinning properties which helps to regulate the menstrual periods. However during the periods the consumption should be avoided. Add the Dong Quai in water and boil it for ten to fifteen minutes.

The hormonal imbalance in the body is caused by the pituitary glands. The Chaste berries are useful in curing the problems of ovulation. It tries to balance the prolactin levels effectively. In market the Chaste Berry capsules and berry extracts are easily available. Consumption of dried berries can be equally useful.

If the woman is facing any problem related to Uterine lining then the decoction made with leaves of Red Raspberries and water can be very useful. Regular consumption of the decoction can lead to positive results within few months Along with the oral medication, massage therapy is also equally beneficial for treating female sterility. 

The massage therapy can prove beneficial in treating the problems related to menstruation and ovulation.
Other problems faced by women during this condition are Uterine Fibroids and the shooting pain caused by it. The warm castor oil massage or ginger pack on abdominal area can prove helpful.

These home remedies are useful and beneficial only when the reason behind the infertility is correctly diagnosed. These remedies don’t have any remarkable side effect but result may vary from person to person depending upon physical features and cause behind the problem.

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