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Sunday, March 15, 2015

paati vaithiyam for pimples in Tamil nattu maruthuvam

This is paati vaithiyam for pimples in Tamil nattu maruthuvam. Pimples problems is now becoming common due to poor eating habits, in hygiene, hormonal changes etc. here are some paati vaithiyam for pimple marks and ace home remedy.

Paati vaithiyam for acne and pimples
Tulsi leaves for pimples: Take a handful of coriander leaves and tulsi leaves. Grind nicely and apply on the pimple mark. Regularly apply this for two times, morning and evening for two to three weeks.

Neem leaves for pimples: Avoid eating fat food items and fried crispy snacks. Take a bunch of neem leaves, put in boiling water and let it to boil for some time. Use this water for your face wash three or four times in a day.

Cucumber for pimples: Take carrot, cucumber, and tomato piece each and grind it like a fine paste and add three drops of honey, apply on your pimple mark. Let it to soak for five minutes and wash your face with warm water.

Santhanam for face pimples: Sandal is a best medicine for pimples. Apply fresh sandal powder on your pimple mark.  

Multani mitti for pimples: clean your pimples by using ice and then apply multani mitti paste on acne mark or pimples.

Lemon for pimples: Lemon juice has a great medicinal value to cure pimples quick and fast. Make a past of turmeric powder and lemon juice and apply it on your face pimples. It is best to apply for whole night.  

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